The Ancient Nokia 3310 Hits to Hit the Market in summer 2017


The much expected restoration of the iconic Nokia 3310 handset is anticipated to have a few diverse features, as it was been revealed. Nokia has given some information about the brand new model of the handset that ruled the early noughties.

The beloved phone, named “unbreakable” since its sturdy design, will not project far from its typical brick-like figure. It is thought that the phone’s basic aspects, like its long battery durability, will continue at the center of the design. Therefore in spite of having an upgraded color display, it will not be high-res and will contain nothing like the abilities of the present smartphone.

Made by Finnish company HMD Global, its keys are also anticipated to stay in their positions, but will be somewhat shrunk. And the outside will come in a range of colors, as well it may even come with the capability to modify its shell.

When the handset was launched at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) show in February this year, the precise release date was not stated. Though, the said date has been leaked to be May.

Rumors propose the new phone will feature a color display and a lighter, thinner figure. The Nokia 3310 is to mark a comeback since a reminiscence for a handset loved for its robustness and long battery durability has gone viral worldwide. Regarding to The Telegraph, the Car phone Warehouse, the only firm to have been in the front line to pre-ordering of the new Nokia phones, stated that it has seen an extraordinary level of demand.

The aspects which made it so common comprise Snake II, Pairs II, calculator, a clock, and the possibility to store reminders. It was such a treasured handset that it is frequently a topic of memes and yearning images. Ever since the early days of the 3310, Nokia has tried to keep up with the trend of new smartphones however more lately has done better by creating newer models of old phones.

The decision of Nokia to deliver a new version of old handsets might be one of its strategy to change its worldwide phone market as well as giving its new image as it is planning to do a business reorganization. Apparently, this act will map Nokia to a new position and expects to make huge sales when the phone will be released to the market.

The new model is expected to be simple and it is expected to become available in summer 2017 and cost about £41.

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