Nokia Plans a Business Reorganization as President of Mobile Networks Exits


The Nokia Corporation has plans to split its present Mobile Networks corporate group into two distinct and individual corporations, Global Services and Mobile Networks. The Global Services Corporation will emphasis on the services allied business while the Mobile Networks Corporation will emphasis on products and resolutions. Besides this, the Firm’s CIOO (Chief Innovation and Operating Officer)’s position of operations will as well be split into three distinct positions. The positions present duties will be covered by a lately inducted obligatory with the name of COO (Chief Operating Officer).

The innovations fragment of the CIOO’s duties will be controlled by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and the development part will be assigned to the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer).

These changes are designed to speed up the performance of the company’s strategy. They will toughen its ability to convey robust financial performance, meet changing client desires in mobile networks, empower strategic innovation across its networks business, initiate growth in services, and attain its cost saving as well as ongoing renovation goals.

The company’s other verticals, IP Networks, Applications and Nokia Technologies, and Ultra Broadband Networks, will last to be part of the Nokia’s organization and financial structure.

Centered on the above modifications in the company’s business, the following scuffle has been stated with every position plainly demarcated, with different role, responsibilities, and focus areas. As part of the changes, Marc Rouanne has been chosen as the Head of the Mobile Networks corporate unit and will aim on mobile products and resolutions. He will be accountable for Nokia’s 4G, 5G, small cells, cloud core as well as other radical mobile solutions.

Igor Leprince was chosen as Head of Global Services and will aim on the novel business group of Services, which is a fragment of the Mobile Networks business unit. He will be accountable for the all the company managed services.

Monika Maurer will be the Group Chief Operating Officer. She will be in control for company’s operating model, Worldwide Operations which comprises manufacturing as well as supply chain. In her part, she will be managing functions like implementation of cost saving, quality, and ongoing change activities, real estate, information technology, and procurement.

Marcus Weldon will continue in his current role and responsibilities as President of Nokia Bell Labs and Chief Technology Officer.

Kathrin Buvac, who is presently the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), has been assigned the added duties of managing the incubation and select new business prospects.

Finally, Barry French, who is presently the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), has been assigned the added duties of controlling Security, Health, Environment, and Safety. All of the discussed positions above will report to the company’s Chief Executive Officer and will be a part of company’s GLT.

Samih Elhage, the President of Mobile Networks, has submitted in his documents and has decided to keep an eye on new openings outside of Nokia. He will remain in his position and be a part of the company’s GLT until 1st April, 2017, afterward he will be an advice-giver until 31st May 31, 2017. He had entered as Chief Operating Officer of Nokia Siemens Networks in the year 2012 and became the CFOO (Chief Financial and Operating Officer) before he was made President of Mobile Networks in April the year 2014.

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