Nokia is again coming back with two flagships in June with Snapdragon 835

Nokia is again coming back with two flagships in June with Snapdragon 835 1

Last month in MWC which was held in Barcelona, Nokia launched three phones along with the retro phone Nokia 3310. All phones come with the budget range which is a very nice comeback by Nokia. Now, A rumor which is hitting the web is that the company will launch two flagship smartphone in June.

It is reported that There will be two variants of the flagship device which will come in June. The phone will pack with Snapdragon 835 and 4 or 6 GB RAM.

The phone can come with 23 MP rear camera and some rumors say that You can get Dual Camera also in one of its variants.

The variant with fewer specs will be around $608 and The higher variant will be around $650.

Is Nokia doing innovative?

Nokia was a successful brand because of its maintenance of the brand. They always came with unpredictable designs, ingenious features and stunning camera which made you professional.

In 2010, The company found itself sank in the market because the maximum market share was going to Android and iOS. And then the company took a wrong decision by making Windows phone which made Nokia – A flop.

After a long time, Nokia came back in 2017 at Barcelona with Android OS.

I want to remind you that, You are getting the branding of Nokia on phones but actually the phones are made by HMD global, not our old trusted brand.

In new Nokia phones which were launched in MWC, were not as expected. They are a general basic phone, the only unique is that it is Nokia.

The camera which was the main key for Nokia before 2010 was not good this time. The camera is so basic as in an Android phone, Nothing any innovative.

I hope We will see something new and innovative in upcoming Nokia flagships or We have to accept the truth that this is not our old Nokia.

Maybe HMD global will stand in our expectations and proves it.But one thing is clear this HMD global is not our old Nokia.


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