Nokia News: OZO Virtual Reality and Here Maps Sale


Presently, much of the reports that surrounds Nokia – Finland-based Corporation, either involves the sale of its HERE mapping unit to a consortium German automakers for 43 billion that ended on 4th December or its progress in ending the 416.6 billion deal for Alcatel-Lucent – the European networking competitor. Both the two are very critical deals of events that will warrant the attention and also shape the company for years to come.

Although, the Here sale and the Alcatel-Lucent aren’t the only news that Nokia has shared of late. Remember, the new OZO VR (Virtual Reality) camera is ready for pre-order starting from December 1st, which could also be the game changer. OZO is the Nokia’s technologies unit brainchild. Its research as well as development and large patent portfolio are hosted. That is a testament to the foresight of the division.

OZO is a great device that has been particularly designed for ‘professional creators’. Some of its key features include the ability to view real-time virtual reality production, ability to playback, visual capabilities, and full-blown 3D audio, and wireless functionality. The price tag of $60,000 on the OZO camera will make the smallish division move the pointer.

Moreover, the timing of the OZO’s launch can be very ideal. This is keeping in mind the pending release of several consumer virtual reality devices that are predicted to push the VR industry into a hyper-growth style. In financial perspective, the technology division was just able to generate $176.6 million out of the $3.3 billion Nokia’s revenue in the 3rd quarter that was historically slow; despite the fact that there was a 7 percent improvement in comparison the previous year. New devices like OZO could assist in diversifying things despite the fact that most of this revenue comes from Nokia’s licensing fees and patents.

The other advantage is the fact that Alcatel-Lucent can be the ideal fit in that its market is lying in the European region. This will make a nice addition to the concrete Nokia footing in China and the U.S. The deal for Alcatel-Lucent also reinforces the efforts of Nokia to streamline its operations.

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