OZO VR Camera from Nokia Marks a Rebirth for the Phone Giant


Recent news disclosed that OZO is now uncovered in Los Angeles with a price tag of about $50,000, which is almost three times the price tag of GoPro Odyssey. Nokia OZO VR camera designed and built in Finland is manufactured of aluminum, and it marks a new beginning for this phone giant. OZO VR camera weighs less than 10 pounds and it is very big. This gadget boasts eight 2K x 2K resolution cameras being spaced out, thereby making the distance between lenses the same as that of two human eyes.

This enables OZO re-establish a pragmatic view of all perspectives when you move your head around. In order to make the best possible stereoscopic effect, images are processed in pairs. Microphones are also surrounding it also. Eight microphones were built into OZO for 3D audio capture; in view of the fact that audio is almost 50 percent of the virtual reality experience.

Nevertheless, OZO can create a full 360-degree stereoscopic video in real time, while the footage of GoPro must still be pulled together in arduous post-production processes. On the body of the camera is HD-SDI connections that will make it stream a low-res feed for monitoring, broadcast full 360-degree panoramic video, and also stream 1.5 Gbps of compressed RAW footage to store data from the streams from the eight lenses. Also, Nokia OZO VR camera is Wi-Fi enabled, letting film producers remotely control the system in the course of shooting.

This new development and bold move into virtual reality is an indication that Nokia is still waxing stronger, and more interested in the VR industry than they are, when it comes to the mobile cell phone industry. Up till now, it seems there is difference between Nokia’s new business and the old one. For instance, the innovative Connecting People catchphrase of the company that served Nokia well when the company was at the helms of affairs of mobile phone sales has just been construed for the VR age.

It is noteworthy that OZO is just the mechanism that can incorporate a number of attractive stereoscopic 3D effects to the footage, unlike other alternatives like the spherical shooting PIXPRO SP360-4K action cam from Kodak, the 360fly Action Camera and Theta S from Ricoh, despite the fact that it is not the first out-of-the-box solution for 360 videos. However, OZO is not built for clients, but for professional broadcasters, content creators and ultimately for customers who will be at the other end of the streaming.

Virtual reality business is considered by Nokia as an opportunity to exploit its profound know-how in audio, sensors and optics, and wishes to use it to transform entertainment and media. A category changer is what OZO is all about to Nokia. For beginners, it will let people experience a story in diverse ways, revisit the past by looking at things from different angles, and be in different places. Without mincing word, VR is going to be more than just games.

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